Pergola med lamelltak ROTA 600 x 300cm Hvit eller Antreceit Grå - SUNS

Pergola med lamelltak ROTA 600 x 300cm Hvit eller Antreceit Grå - SUNS

Pris: 54 990,-

Veil.pris: 59 990 NOK

Tilbudspris: 54 990 NOK

Du sparer: 5 000 NOK

Farger Pergola

Antreceit Grå Pergola | Hvit Pergola

Sidevegger Zipscreen til Rota

Ønsker ingen sidevegger til Rota kr 0,- | En stk 600cm front + 1 stk side vegg 300cm kr 18.300,- [+18300.00 ,-] | 2 stk 300cm front/side vegg kr 12.800,- [+12800.00 ,-] | En stk 600cm front/side kr 12.800,- [+12800.00 ,-] | En stk 300cm front/side vegg kr 6400,- [+6400.00 ,-]


  • Pergola med lamelltak ROTA 600 x 300cm Hvit eller Antracit. Høyde 250cm. Den kan kjøpes sammen med screens sidevegger. Screens er Lagervare.
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  • 2021 Produksjonsår:
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Hjertelig velkommen til å komme å se og kjenne på Rota Pergola med lamelltak i vår butikk i Sarpsborg. Vi har også Maranza og andre Pergolaer utstilt i butikken.  Adresse er Hundskinnsveien 94, 1711 Sarpsborg

Kommer i 4 størrelser. 

ROTA 300x300x250 cm Pris kr 29.200,- Begge farger er tilgjengelig på lager.
ROTA 360x360x250 cm Pris kr 34.600,- 
ROTA 400x300x250cm Pris kr 34.600,- 
ROTA 600x300x250 cm Pris kr 54.990,- 

Screens vegger zip screen fester som tåler vind.

Pris 300cm /front/side kr 6.400,-
Pris 360cm /front/side kr 6.900,-
Pris 400cm /front/side kr 7.400,-
Pris 600cm/front/side kr 12.900,-

Pergolane kan bestilles i både hvit og grå farge.

Vanntett løsning med lameller som enkelt kan lukkes eller åpnes. Lamelltaket gir et luftig uttrykk, samtidig som den beskytter godt i alle værforhold. Lamelltaket er av høy kvalitet, lekker finish og er enkel å vedlikeholde. 5 års garanti. I de fleste tilfeller så er en Pergola ikke søknadspliktig, men blir regnet som en midlertidig løsning som paviljong.

SUNS Manual Louvered Roof System Rota Vented Gazebo.

A stylish and contemporary permanent aluminium framed gazebo / pergola.

Now available with vented opening roof available in white and anthracite, in various sizes so that you can easily create the cover area that suits you.

The Rota Louvered roof Gazebo/Pergola is manufactured from high-quality aluminium which ensures a solid maintenance free construction. You can position it as stand-alone or connect it to an existing building. The gazebo is fitted with fully open or closed roof. This way you can always choose whether you would like to sit in the sun or in the shade. If the shutters are closed, you’re also sheltered from the rain. The rainwater is drained via the legs of the construction. 

Thanks to SUNS Lifestyle Rota, the construction of a terrace roof is no longer a complicated and long-term building project: this is a smart solution with a long lifespan.

  • Full Height: 250cm
  • Lowest Height: 235.5cm
  • Post Width: 11.1cm x 11.1cm
  • Alu.louvres : 173 x 30 x 1.3mm
  • Alu.Horizontal pole: 140 x 75 x 1.3mm
  • Alu leg pole: 111 x 111 x 1.3mm
  • Grey: ca. 7015 FS/MATT
  • White: ca. 9016 FS/MATT

The main frames and vented roof shutters are made from toughened aluminium with a graphite -grey powder coating that looks great and adds to the contemporary feel.

The gazebo is resistant to wind up to wind force 120 km/h.

The roof is resistant to heavy loads, including snow.

Shuttered Slatted Venting Roof: This is the key feature of the gazebo’s unique design.

There is an easy wined mechanisms on the outside of the Rota gazebo that open and close the roof shutters to allow sunlight and air in as and when required. The mechanisms that facilitate this are robust and built to last so they won’t fail over time.

The Rain Drainage System: This is the clever part – The shuttered roof when closed is completely waterproof but also has drainage channels housed within the shuttered sections which allows excess rainwater to drain off and down specially engineered channels on the inside of the legs and then out the bottom into the ground it’s anchored to.

Minimal maintenance, and colours that remain crisp and vibrant after years of continuous outdoor exposure, even under the most severe weather conditions.

Extended warranty to 5 years with the installation service.

Convenient, stylish and ready-to-use overhang for your terrace in several measurements. Flexible manual shutters give you the choice to either sit in the sun or in the shade.





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